The Monmouth Film Festival is proud to host the following FREE online LIVE Seminars during the 2020 Hybrid Film Festival. Please reserve a seat so we know you're coming! Workshops are open to all ages.

Live from ZOOM | Sunday, August 16th

So you just completed your best screenplay yet! Now what? You'll need to cast, location scout, hire crew, obtain permits, funding, and the list goes on... Join award-winning Film/TV Producer (and the Associate Director of the NJ Film Commission), David Schoner, as you learn the inside scoop into what it takes to take your next best film from script to screen. David will also introduce the NEW Garden State Film & TV Production Tax Incentive - a program built to save New Jersey production companies and producers some extra cash for filming right here in our home state. With more exhibition and distribution outlets for your project today than ever before, it's time to say ACTION!

Sunday, August 16th | 11 AM

David Schoner

The Art of Producing

Casting is one of the most crucial elements in the success of any project. It can also be the most stressful. The Art of the Audition is a fully comprehensive Casting Workshop, for both Actors and Filmmakers, which focuses on a variety of key concepts that artists can use to make the most of the Audition Process. Veteran Casting Director Roger Del Pozo will focus on how Actors can Audition Successfully and book more roles and how Directors can use the Audition Process creatively to enhance and elevate their projects. 

Sunday, August 16th | 1 PM

Roger Del Pozo

The Art of the Audition

So you finshed your film or TV show and it's time to get it to the suites. Well how do you do it? Join Entertainment Lawyer Marissa Crespo through the journey and getting your next best show produced!

Sunday, August 16th | 3 PM

Marissa Crespo, Esq

The Art of The Pitch