MFF 2020 FAQ's

Please read the FAQ's below as they may help answer some questions on your mind. Don't see an answer you're looking for? Contact us and we would be glad to assist.

How do I access the Monmouth Film Festival Live Stream?

All MFF 2020 Live Streams are accessible by visiting the LIVE STREAM page of our website. Once there, you’ll be able to view all the upcoming film streams. Viewing streams is free however requires you to sign in or sign up as a MFF site member. Once you’re logged in you will be able to view any content. Happy Streaming!


What is I encounter issues while watching the stream?

Refreshing your browser usually fixes most streaming based issues. But if there is an issue which still persists, please feel free to chat or call us on the CONTACT page and we will be glad to assist. 



How can I view the stream on my regular TV?

So you want to create the movie experience at home? We’re with you! Anyway you traditionally connect your laptop or device to your tv, you may do and watch MFF 2020 in full screen. With eligible Apple devices you could also wirelessly “air play” the stream from a Mac, iPhone or iPad directly to your Apple TV. 


How can I view the stream on my Smart TV?

The Monmouth Film Festival is proud to offer free viewing capabilities with Amazon FireTV, Roku, and AppleTV! It's easy to do! Head to the app store (or channel store) on any one of these three devices and search for the "BoxCast" App. Once you found it, click download/install. Open the App once it's installed and go to the search bar and type in "Monmouth Film Festival". After you click on our Festival channel you'll see all the upcoming film streams for this weekend. Be sure to add the MFF Channel to your 'BoxCast' favorites so you'll get back to it quick every time. 


How do I view the stream in full screen?

You may hover the stream window with your cursor and find the full screen button in the lower right corner.



Do I have to pay to watch any films this year?

All this year’s films are streaming for FREE! Consider it a special gift from us to you! 



How do I vote for my favorite films?

Starting August 14th, you may visit the VOTE page and select your favorite films in different categories. The Audience Award winners will be announced at the 2020 Awards Ceremony LIVE on Sunday, August 16th.


How is the Monmouth Film Festival addressing the Covid-19 Pandemic?

In response to the Covid-19 Pandemic, as well as State regulations and restrictions, the 2020 Monmouth Film Festival is being presented virtually here on our website. Your safety and health is our top priority! Any outdoor physical events that may be offered this August will have strict entrance screenings and regulations to ensure to the best of our ability that all attendees are healthy and safe. 



Can attendees interact with the instructors and other participants of the seminars and panels?

Yes! All this year’s panels and seminars are presented through ZOOM. After registering and downloading ZOOM on your device, you’ll have opportunities to chat and ask questions throughout the sessions. 


What is 'MFF Video On Demand'?

MFF VOD is an exciting way to watch select films whenever you want! Visit the VOD PAGE (starting 8/14/20) to learn more. 

Do I have to register for the film streams I want to watch?

No, all you have to do is sign up or log into your free Monmouth Film Festival web account on our website and you’ll have unlimited access to the film streams.