Need For Nostalgia: MFF's Animated Shorts

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

There’s something about animation that brings people to a comfortable place. It takes many back to their childhood and the fond memories of cereal and early morning cartoons. There are so many times people go back to their favorite shows as adults and realize all the metaphors and allegories that were once over their heads. There’s a universal effect that animation has, bringing together people of all ages.

Yet, don’t let their colorful creations fool you, these films can easily mask deeper and sometimes even darker meanings. This year the Monmouth Film Festival shares shorts ranging from a father and son struggling to communicate to a spooky small town filled with psychopaths, nuns and everything in between. Seeing a character that represents a real person, instead of actually being one, makes it easier for someone to imagine themselves in their shoes and go to a place that they could only see in their dreams. The magic of animation means nothing is off limits.

The talent and skill it takes to make an animated film is something that should never be overlooked, which is why the Monmouth Film Festival would like to spotlight its selections for 2019. Get ready to escape into these this August.

A LONG WAY FROM HOME - Andy Tai & Eduardo Enriquez

In an old western tavern, the fate of a town is about to change when an outsider arrives and doesn’t have the money to pay for a glass of water.

DEAR DAD - Nick LeDonne

A father and son struggling to communicate; a conceptual film about dialogue, without dialogue.

HARD TIMES - Lucas Crain

Whilst on a mid afternoon stroll, Rachel, accompanied by her friend Sissy, comes across a discarded hat belonging to her dearest love, Stephen Blackpool. Fearing the worst, Rachel and Sissy set off into the bleak outskirts of Coketown in search of him.

PHARAOH - Derrick Forkel & Mitchell Jao

In a legacy of tradition, a newly ordained Pharaoh must learn and decide what kind of ruler she wants to be for her people.

ROCKS! THE MUSICAL - Tyler March & Eric Paperth

A lonely rock learns not to take his life for granite.

THE PHANTOM 52 - Geoff Marslett

Tom Skerritt stars in this animated short film about a lonely trucker waiting for a reply on the CB radio, a ghost that haunts the lonely highways, and a whale that sings in a voice no other whale can even hear.

UNDER COVERS - Michaela Olsen

On the night of a lunar eclipse, we uncover the sweet, salacious, and spooky secrets of a small town. From a pigtailed psychopath to naughty nuns and everything in between, this stop motion animated film conjures a comforting thought: that weird is relative.

UNDISCOVERED - Sara Litzenberger

Undiscovered explores the real reason there are no good photos of Sasquatch--not because he's secretive, but because he's un-photogenic.

Reserve your seat now for these films and more!

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