All We Need is Love & the Monmouth Film Festival has Enough to Go Around

There are so many types of love besides romantic: love for your family, friends, career, community, yourself. With all that is going on in the world right now, the Monmouth Film Festival wants you to remember the things you love. They hope during these trying times you were able to slow down, bond with those closest to you, pick up a new passion, and practice some self-care, but unfortunately this is not a perfect world. There is clear work to be done out there, and although this pandemic has been a universal struggle, how each individual experiences it is not.

Empathy, respect and community cooperation are key right now and this festival plans to do its part. Besides being a platform for all voices to be heard and stories to be shared, the Monmouth Film Festival wants to show love to the community that always showed love to them. This year ALL of their festival’s events, from films to panels to seminars, will be completely FREE, as a way to contribute to their industry, make their resources accessible and hopefully give you something to look forward to.

So support the places you care about, and take care of yourselves and each other, knowing the Monmouth Film Festival is here for you. Check out some films below that will be streaming this August 14th-16th to remind you to love, in all its wonderful forms.

GIVE OR TAKE - Paul Riccio

When a disillusioned New Yorker's father dies, he goes home to Cape Cod and prepares the house for sale while sharing it with his father's temperamental live-in boyfriend. Grieving, they circle each other, butt heads, and negotiate how to remember the man they both loved, and the significance of what he left behind.

FRATELLO - Jamie DiNicola

Explores the ways in which gender warps and infiltrates intimacy.

I LOVE MY WIFE... - Ian Tierney

Richard Feynman is one of the most widely celebrated physicists of all time. Following his death in 1988, a sealed envelope was discovered among his personal effects. Inside was a letter written by Feynman to his high-school sweetheart and first wife Arline, unearthing a private tragedy that he had suffered when he was just 28. This is a short about that powerful letter.

PROOF - Nora Jaenicke

This film is about a young couple that celebrates their love and their individual and shared struggles, in a world where immigration becomes an increasingly polarized and polarizing societal issue.

SUMMER VACATION - Matthew Brennan

A teenage girl navigates sexuality and intimacy via a dating app.

THE BEAUTIFUL LOGIC - Tomomi Muraguchi

Kamata who is Programmer seeks all kinds of lean logic and throws away his own existence. On the other hand, Kuna, a lover, is likely to lose the source of love for a lover who gradually disappears in the same life with Kamata.

APPETITE - Maddy Freeman

When Jack misreads Stephanie's flirting, he prepares for a romantic date.

THE CITY BEHIND US - Iwonka Swenson & Bob Burnett

The Elmora Troopers, a Little League team from Elizabeth, NJ made it all the way to the World Series using sportsmanship, caring, and community spirit. They caught the attention and love of their city, and eventually the whole nation.

THE HUSTLE IS REAL - Thomas B Draudt

A real story about creating your own lane to make money doing what you love and the hustle and grind that goes along with it.

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