Let the Countdown Begin - 4 Days!

Let the countdown begin and what's better to count down then in frames, chapters, immersed in creating imagination- a term for the visual pieces that create a thought.

-Pre-development (Parts of imagination)

Monmouth Film Festival (MFF) is founded on the brain of imagination. We build that brain through food, water, exercise, experience but most importantly it begins with a sensation we can't quite explain.

MFF's team has had this sensation as well - Nicholas Marchese at family holiday meals would call his guests into attention aka the basement and direct them into making a marvelous show. He was just a small boy yet but that urge to create an image, piece an array of visuals together began...

Lea Ruwaldt at the age of 8 would take her favorite novels, tv shows, etc and write what she now knows would be considered spec scripts. She'd proceed to monopolize her father's old camera and gather friends to review their lines. This was only half of the adventure as the other was filled with original stories that would confuse the poor neighbors when she'd recite lines with such passion they thought her venture to save the dog park they had never heard of was real.

As one sees from a small age MFF's team was already award winning holders of imagination and the sensation that would build a bridge to their future goals had started manifesting on the shore.

​This is much like those MFF welcomes each year to the festival such as those panelists who include individuals that wrote a letter to network execs every few weeks or months hoping that one day that person would see their paper laying on the desk top and their journey would begin...and it did.

Pre-development of imagination is best described as that moment when I child begins to create something of which is neither expected nor taught, yet so natural it goes unnoticed by the self. It's as simple as a writer who loved Star Trek enough that he read all about its making to find that the word he craved was a "show-runner". That little boy, who then told his parents his dream was to show-run Star Trek, would one day go from a Veterinarian's receptionist desk, to completing his dream, to show-running a Starz television hit for more than two seasons.

Pick a dream, pick what's natural and you'll see a world unlike any other. Let the countdown begin...MFF fans...With 4 days to go, get your tickets and join us! Maybe even do some research and see if you can guess who's stories are being shared above.

...More industry stories to come but as success has proven fate favors those who are given an inch but take the mile themselves.

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