Dive into Monmouth Film Festival's Pool of Stars - Even if You're Not Robert Evans and This

Monmouth Film Festival (MFF) hopes to reawaken that special charisma that once strolled the star studded streets of Hollywood where Joan Crawford and Bettie Davis spoke with the Warner brothers before it was just a name, and filmmakers, TV writers and more were the new kid on the block that got their big break because they were charming, driven and well-spoken.

The industry has changed - no longer can Bobby Evans a New York business man be mistaken as an attractive actor and brought into the fold. Where from merit and dumb luck, he became a double-threat stereotype-breaking businessman turned actor, turned producer - scandalous! In a new generation where content and ideas are more than a film studio’s square footage, it takes something larger than merit or a bright eyed kid - networking is the only pool still available for all to dive in and MFF is opening the gate with its networking event where it hopes the old way can survive and foster, helping new artists build and grow a career.

MFF’s networking event, Friday, August 11th 7-9pm is $5 for a basic ticket and $15 for a premium ticket where one can sign and receive the MFF Artist Registry - A list complete with all local attendee artist contacts to help you build a team for future productions. Companies and organizations such as Ink Tip, Studio Binder, Videomaker, New York Film Academy, FACES, BBR Productions and Bicoastal MGMT will be present and ready to mingle.

This year’s event like last’s promises to have a range of those in attendance from press, casting directors, writers, actors, managers and more. Last year the majority of filmmakers were present and able to mingle with managers, actors and the press, continuing to build exposure and future connections for expanded projects and representation. This year with even more organizations present and able to help build each attendee’s social network the possibilities are endless. Industry members for example with active experience will be present to share what they have learned including current director’s assistant’s for big budget Hollywood movies in NYC to writers who have been tasked with writing spec scripts for up and coming digital media narrative platforms. Although, MFF is keeping these names cryptic, where would be the fun of going if you already knew, when one can come and find out for yourself?- Promising not to disappoint, play a game of figurative “Blue’s Clues” and come find your network niche as you dive into MFF’s 2017 pool of imagination.

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