The Two River Theater is the epicenter of the Arts, providing Plays and Educational Programs for audiences of NJ, United States and beyond. It has been designated as a major impact organization with the support of not only the National Endowment of the Arts but local support from celebrities Jon Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen. From the Founder, Nick Marchese, Monmouth’s own local Award-winning Filmmaker, “Being “by filmmakers, for filmmakers. Our festival’s mission is to connect independent artists and create an environment for artists to promote themselves and their work.” From Communications Director, Lea Ruwaldt – “In an industry where it’s sometimes difficult to form a collaborative and nurturing environment, MFF guides artists of all caliber, creating an extraordinary chance for them and their work to shine. To me it’s about making that black sky bright again for those who have a passion for stargazing and constructing a constellation of talented filmmakers.”

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