Our Mission

Monmouth Film Festival is an international film festival like no other! Experience the finest quality of independent cinema produced from all regions of the world. Allow us to help ignite your inspiration to create art by hearing and learning from esteemed industry professionals during our exclusive panels, Q&A sessions and curated workshops for creatives of all ages. As filmmakers ourselves, we understand the hard work and struggles involved with producing a film, that's why we offer a platform built for exposure and networking with local and national artists, press and industry professionals.

About Monmouth Film Festival

Monmouth Film Festival, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization designed to promote and connect filmmakers from all over the state and country. The festival is more than an opportunity for artists to have their work showcased, it is a forum for educational opportunities through workshops, networking, Q&As and special panels with industry guests; that provide insight, growth and inspiration. Our unique platform strives to create an atmosphere where filmmakers of all levels, including high and low budget works, can be seen, heard and interact with movie-goers, promoters and other artists. The festival offers internship opportunities for High school and college students interested in many areas including programming, marketing and production.